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J. Rockett Archer Boost

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The Archer is a versatile overdrive / boost with amazing headroom that is designed to help you cut through the mix. Experiment with the settings but be careful with the Output, this pedal is loud!


"Output" (top left knob) Overall volume control. It is very powerful and drives fairly hard beginning at lower levels. This allows you to hit the front end of a pedal or amp aggressively or lightly for clarity.

"Treble" (top right knob) Treble EQ control that goes from dark to a chimey, bright tone. It's great for midrange clarity.

"Gain" (center knob) This acts as a mixer control for clean boost and gain. Turn the Gain all the way down for a clean boost or roll it on for overdrive. As the Gain increases the clean boost is reduced but the overall output level remains consistent.

- Buffered switching

- Can run on a 9-volt battery or a 9-volt, negative tip, DC adapter (not included)

- Made in the USA

- No goop!

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