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Pigtronix Philosopher Bass Compressor

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The Pigtronix Philosopher Bass Compressor brings the heralded Philosopher's Tone circuit to bassists!

The controls and their layout are very simple. Sustain varies the threshold to provide everything from light peak compression to long, clean sustain while maintaining incredible low frequency response and Compression mixes the dry signal in parallel with the compressed signal.

This approach preserves your natural string envelope more effectively than a typical "Attack" control commonly found on compressors. The result is transparent, musical tone. Grit adds harmonic distortion tuned especially for low frequency domination.

An 18v DC power supply is included to provide huge amounts of headroom and output. Greater headroom equates to transparency and a fuller tone. Basses with active electronics will benefit greatly.  A 9v DC power supply (not included) will work as well at the expense of headroom and output.

  • Optical Compression
  • Lots of Output Volume!
  • True Bypass
  • Pigtronix 18v DC adapter included (great for active electronics)
  • Will work with standard 9v DC power supplies (not included)

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