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JAM PEDALS Delay Llama Supreme

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The Delay Llama Supreme is the most versatile delay made by JAM Pedals.

Like its brethren, the Delay Llama Supreme is analog with a maximum delay time of 600 ms, where it differs is in the addition of Tap Tempo, a Tone control and a Modulation circuit.

Tap Tempo has a 3 way toggle switch for quarter, eighth and dotted eighth note subdivisions. The Tap footswitch also acts as the Hold button when held down. Upon release the repeats revert to where they were previously set.

Tone controls how bright or dark the repeats are.

Modulation engages a WaterFall chorus circuit for a warped tape delay sound. JAM Pedals added a switchable Q control to the WaterFall to vary the frequency range of the filter.  

Delay Time and Delay Level can be controlled by plugging expression pedals into their respective inputs. These expression pedals are not proprietary - any expression pedal can be used.

All iterations of the Delay Llama feature faithful reproductions of the Panasonic MN3205, BBD analog chips, and an internal trimmer to adjust the amount of maximum repeats (clockwise reduces the repeats).

Like all JAM Pedals, custom enclosures are available for an additional $40. You can choose from available customs or submit pictures or artwork (they must meet JAM Pedals standards).


  • True bypass
  • Runs on a 9-volt, negative tip, DC adapter (not included)
  • The expression pedals are sold separately
  • Limited Lifetime warranty
  • The Delay Llama Supreme can also be used with a bass

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