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J. Rockett Flex Drive OD

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Overdrive with switchable clipping, treble and fat circuits.

The Flex Drive OD is J. Rockett's most versatile overdrive covering clean boost to Country, Blues and well into Hard Rock. They started with Malcolm Young's rhythm tone as a benchmark and then continued into VH-2 territory for lead. The Flex Drive OD works great with both clean and dirty amps. 

With the Gain turned down and the Treble and Clip switches set to their center positions (i.e passive) the pedal acts as a clean boost. Rolling the gain on full from there produces an aggressive fuzz tone. The upper Treble and Clip positions brighten the tone.  A slight level drop is noticeable when either is switched out of center, however the Vol knob can more than compensate. Switching Treble and Clip to their lower positions mellows the tone for rhythm. Pinch harmonics still ring out well though.



"Vol" Adjusts the overall output.

"Tone" Brightens or darkens the signal.

"Gain" Adds more overdrive distortion.

"Fat" Switch fattens the tone when switched to the right. Really helpful with single coil bridge pickups.

"Treble" Switch selects between two treble cuts (up or down) and passive (center).  

"Clip" Switch selects between two clipping diodes (up or down) and passive (middle) for clean boost.

- True Bypass Switching

- Can run on a 9-volt battery or a 9-volt, negative tip, DC adapter (not included)

- Made in the USA

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