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Bruce Arnold Music Courses

Learn how to play the guitar fast with powerful techniques.  For over 35 years Bruce Arnold has helped thousands of musicians achieve success through his music education courses. He taught at Berklee College of Music as well as Princeton where he has been on staff for the last 24 years.

Bruce decided to turn his 40 years of experience into music courses that generate results faster than traditional programs. He wants YOU to get the most out of his teaching faster and more efficiently.

Bruce chimes in on his personal approach. "Unlike a large, faceless company, I try to answer every email I can from my students and people interested in my lessons within 24 hours. By being accessible my students know I care about them and that I am here to help. It's like getting personal instruction every time you interact with one of my lessons."

We've provided a hand-picked selection of some of Bruce's courses here on the website from his company Muse Eek Publishing. Scroll down for a list of music courses. Get your music education on track with powerful, fast techniques from one of the best music educators in the world and learn how to play the guitar.

First Steps for a Beginning Guitarist






Blues Campus Video Course





Blues Guitar Ear Training One Note Listening Course





Chord Workbook for Guitar Volume One





Ear Training One Note Complete







Guitar Arpeggio Lexicon





Heavy Metal Ear Training









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