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Boost and EQ created in conjunction with the legendary Mark Sampson.

Mark Sampson made a name for himself building amps around the classic Vox AC30 Top Boost. J. Rockett teamed with him to offer "Mark Sampson" in a pedal. 


Substituting transistors for tubes, the Hightop gives you the wonderful chime that made Vox famous. This includes an active EQ section, a circuit to add EF86 tube texture and an ingenious switchable speaker voicing.

Make your existing amp sound like an AC30 with one small pedal.


"EF86" Knob adjusts the EF86 sound intensity when its switch is engaged. The effect is subtle but it increases volume and harmonic complexity.

"BOOST" Knob is the overall volume.

"BASS" Knob functions like its Treble counterpart but with low frequencies.

"CUT" Controls the interaction between the BASS and TREBLE knobs and defines the mids. This also controls the chime of the pedal. 

"EF86" Toggle switch engages a circuit that emulates the sound of an EF86 tube, known for its complex and gritty tone.

"CERAMIC / ALNICO" Switch is a unique way to select the tonal characteristics of a Ceramic or Alnico speaker. Ceramic speakers are known for tighter, more defined tone whereas Alnico speakers are looser, brighter and more swampy. The Alnico setting is much louder.

"BOOST" Switch turns the pedal on.

True Bypass Switching Can run on a 9-volt battery or a 9-volt, negative tip, DC adapter (not included) Made in the USA Solid construction.

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