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J. Rockett Lemon Aid Preamp

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Overdrive preamp with switchable EQ and boost circuits.

Sometimes you get a lemon - a guitar or amp that just doesn't sound good no matter how you tweak it. J. Rockett set out to create a pedal that would make bad gear sound good, and the Lemon Aid was born. Of course if your guitar and amp already sound good the Lemon Aid will make them sound even better by adding greater boost and tonal possibilities. 

On the most basic level the Lemon Aid can be used as a clean boost. Bass and acoustic guitarists can use the pedal this way to get their signal out front in live settings without sacrificing their original tone. 

The Voice, Cut and Boosts switches are all interactive, opening a wide tonal array. Add clarity to muddy amps and pick ups or fatten and boost thin sounding single coils.

The Lemon Aid also stacks well with other pedals.   


"Vol" Adjusts the overall output.

"Tone" Brightens or darkens the signal.

"Voice" Switch selects between a fatter or thinner sound.

"Boosts" Switch selects between treble boost (up), clean boost (center) and full boost (down).  

"Cut" Switch cuts output and top end. Best used when full or treble boost are selected with the Boosts switch. 

True Bypass Switching
Can run on a 9-volt battery or a 9-volt, negative tip, DC adapter (not included)
Made in the USA
Solid construction
Can be used with bass guitar
Works as an acoustic guitar preamp


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