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Yannis Anastasakis began making JAM pedals by changing components in well known fuzz, overdrive and vibe pedals to make them more versatile and to stand out in live performances and recording sessions. Drawing from a finite supply of NOS chips and transistors, he maintained the best qualities of the originals and transformed them into unique modern classics. Once he found the exact voice he wanted from each of his new designs JAM Pedals was born.

Since its founding in 2005, Jannis and his dedicated staff have continued innovating and creating new JAM pedals that have found their way onto pedalboards around the world. 

The same attention to detail that went into design continues through the whole manufacturing process. Each JAM pedal is hand made and hand wired in Greece using the best NOS components. Rugged construction and true bypass switching make them road worth and quiet.

JAM Pedals innovation and commitment to excellence make them a welcome partner at In addition to our regular stock we can special order custom multi-effects pedals, custom painted enclosures and point to point wiring. Please check our JAM Pedal Custom Shop listings or email for custom availability.

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