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J. Rockett Audio Designs

J. Rockett provides some of the hottest pedals on the market. They are getting rave reviews from Guitar Player and Premier Guitar and players all over the world.

El Rey 

El Rey is a company dedicated to building great sounding and cool looking FX pedals that are affordable to working musicians. 




"Our consistent growth is evident in the ever increasing number of Pigtronix products in the rigs of session musicians, touring professionals, and weekend warriors around the world."


Jam Pedals

Yannis Anastasakis began making pedals by changing components in well known fuzz, overdrive and vibe pedals to make them more versatile and to stand out in live performances and recording sessions.

With tone and looks that kill, these are some of the hottest pedals the pros use.


Oddfellow Effects is a boutique pedal company determined to produce the finest products on the market for players with discerning ears. They strive to manufacture FX pedals at a reasonable price without compromising quality.

All Oddfellow pedals are handmade in California.

Jam Pedals Custom Shop is proud to offer selections from JAM Pedals Custom Shop.  These include unique, one-off custom artwork and pedals with Dead Bob, our company Logo.  Click on the products to see our current inventory.

Tone Concepts

ToneConcepts is a boutique musical instrument manufacturer based in Toronto, Canada.They specialize in boutique, hand wired guitar products.

The Juliet Collective

The Juliet Collective is a company that specializes in high-end, handmade, musical equipment.

These pedals are works of art and sound amazing.


Kasha builds great boutique pedals that are known for incredible tone.


Boomerang focuses on chorus/delay and phrase sampling only. But boy did they nail it!

Tone Americana

Vintage spring reverb tone designed by John Kasha. True bypass, with simple Mix knob control.


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