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Fretted American is known for offering great vintage electric guitars that are perfect in every way. Phil X, an online guitar culture mainstay has been demoing Fretted American's stunning collection for quite some time.

While showcasing the collections, Phil is often plugged into his rare 1950's Magnatone Tonemaster 1x12 combo guitar amp. Fretted American video viewers had so many questions about this amazing amp, that Fretted Americana decided to build an updated version.

Engineer John Kasha was brought in to design and build the amp. Hence the Evil Robot Tube Combo was born!

While John took care to replicate the tone of the original ToneMaster, he used updated components for consistency and reliability. The Evil Robot logo is displayed on a gold panel where the Tonemaster logo appeared on the original.

This amp received 4.5 starts from a Premier Guitar review in 2011. This dedication to quality tone goes into every Evil Robot amp.

Check the forums and see what people are saying then come back and pick up a great sounding amp born from a legend.

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