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Boomerang Musical Products was founded as a partnership between Lee Hardesty and Mike Nelson and is based near Dallas, Texas. BMP has been doing business since 1 Jan 1995.

The idea for the original Boomerang® Phrase Sampler popped into Mike's head in 1989 after scouring the MI market for a quality looping device and coming up empty handed. With Lee's assistance Mike created a prototype Boomerang looper pedal later that year, but busy lives and children kept the guys from taking the project to the next level. In the summer of 1994 they revisited the idea of founding a company based on a looper pedal, and decided to get serious.

Lee added the volume roller concept, then proceeded to design the production circuit, chassis and software; Mike helped with ergonomic design and styling. When they thought they were ready, the public was notified of this cool new product by a small ad in one guitar magazine. It was a modest start, but now the Boomerang® Phrase Sampler is available across the USA, Japan, Australia and in many European countries, and has received favorable reviews from Guitar Player, Premier Guitar, Bassics, Guitar Shop and Recording magazines. Many professional players in virtually all styles of music have embraced the Boomerang® looper pedal: guitarists, bass players, vocalists, sax and trombone players, violinists, keyboard artists and others.

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