Evil Robot 18/30 Watt Combo



SOLD OUT The Tone Americana Evil Robot Combo is no longer in production.

The Evil Robot Combo is based on Phil X’s 1959 Tonemaster.

Features include 2 Channels, vibrato (footswitch included) and a universal 3-way tone selector. The power can also be switched between 2, 5, 18 and 30 watts (switched by pulling Loudness A and Loudness B knobs). The Evil Robot is hand made and point-to-point soldered in the USA. The amp is Class A, cathode biased, with four 6V6 power tubes and two 12AX7, one 12AU7 and one 6AV6 preamp tubes. The speaker is an 8 ohm Weber custom 12” speaker made in the USA. Transformer line voltage is configured at the factory. International buyers, please specify voltage when ordering.

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  • Coming Soon…
  • Baltic Birch, semi open back cabinet.

    Dimensions: 20” L X 9.5” W X 15” H

    Weight: 28 lbs.